Information regarding the water disruptions tomorrow (Monday 24th May)
The works being undertaken tomorrow are investigative works, and by their nature, are a bit unknown. The short version of the story is, we should be able to isolate hot and cold water to individual sections of the building, rather than the whole building at once – but at some point, undocumented modifications were made to the building which means this is no longer the case.
Facilities management are therefore performing investigative works to address the situation, and rectify the infrastructure so that we can have more targeted outages when we do the preventative maintenance works later in the week, (and when works are required in the future).
The whole problem is that we simply don’t know yet what we’re going to find, so the first day is going to be a bit frustrating for everyone while we untangle what’s going on in the building’s plumbing systems. Facilities management and building management will post updates here as soon as they are available, and they are very conscious of the need to keep the disruptions to the absolute minimum possible – the plan is for outages to last no longer than 1-2 hours at a time (again with the caveat that there is an element of unknown here and that can’t be 100% guaranteed). At the end of the day, it’s short-term pain for long-term gain: once facilities management get a better idea of what’s happening, they’ll be able to give much more specific information for the rest of the week, and for future outages.
And as before, keep an eye on this page for updates as they are available.