Annual General Meetings

AGMs are scheduled between August and October each year once the financials from the previous year have been resolved. An invitation will be sent from Owners Corporation to all Lot Owners once a date has been determined.

Building Rules

The following is a high-level snapshot of the Liberty Tower building rules. This is based on the ‘Body Corporate Plan of Subdivsion – BCPS 433536R – Additional under regulation 220 of the subdivisions” as registered with Victorian Lands Titles Office.


A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • use the common property or permit the common property to be used in such a manner that unreasonably interferes or prevents its use by other tenants or other users.
  • use any of the common area or recreational facilities for any purpose other than specified by the Body Corporate and that all such use be in a thoughtful manner with due and proper care and in accordance with sign posted regulations
  • use or occupy any lot or lots for a use or in a manner that would contravene any planning regulations, requirements or restrictions place on the plan of subdivision
  • smoke in any common areas
  • allow one’s lot to be used for any illegal activities
  • interfere with television, radio reception or communication equipment
  • commit any act that could endanger or increase the cost of the insurance or public liability of the building
  • keep all services that are under the ownership of individual lots maintained and in good repair. Ie. air conditioning units, security systems, etc
  • drive or operate any motor vehicle on any internal road surface in excess of 8km
  • park or leave a vehicle on common property that obstructs a driveway or entrance to a lot or in any place other than in a parking area specified for such purpose by the Body Corporate
  • cycle, roller blade, skate board, roller skate or play ball games through car park or common property areas
  • use a car parking space other than for the purpose of parking a motor vehicle or motor cycle, or permit any mechanical repairs, except of an emergency nature in the car park
  • park, either for short or long-term time period in a parking spot not part of one’s own lot
  • interfere with the operation or function of the electronic doors and gates entering and exiting the car park
  • wash any type of vehicle or bicycle in the car park or any of the common property areas
  • allow any build-up or discharge of oil or any other fluids from any parked vehicle and ensure that all vehicle parking surfaces are cleaned and free of any oil, grease or fluids of any kind. 
  • add any structures, including storage cupboards within the car park without the written consent of the Body Corporate.
  • add any flammable products to be stored within the car park
  • damage, deface or obstruct entrances, passageways, stairways, lifts, landings, driveways, pathways or any other of the common property areas 
  • use any common property areas for any purpose other than the purpose for which that part of the common property has been made available for
  • allow children to play in common property areas nor the car park or any other areas of possible danger or hazard
  • allow heavy vehicles on any common property areas
  • use the fire escape stairwells other than for emergency purposes


A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • create or make noise likely to be objected to or which would likely interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of another tenant or lot owner or any other person lawfully using common property
  • create or permit noise with music or machinery which may be heard outside the tenant or lot owner’s lot between the hours of 10:00pm to 8:00am on a Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and between 11:00am to 8:00 on a Friday and Saturday
  • use washing machines, vacuum cleaners, tumble dryers and dishwashers between the hours of 10:00pm to 8:00am


A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • keep any animal on common property after being given notice by the Body Corporate to remove the animal after the Body Corporate has resolved that the animal is causing a nuisance
  • fail to clean-up after any animal debris or damage to any common property areas
  • use any lift, other than the goods lift (furthest to the left in the lift area) to transport animals within the building
  • use the main entrance of the building to transport animals. Animals may only enter and exit the building from the Francis St car park entrance/exit. Ie. animals are not permitted access to common areas as defined under 5(c)


A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • display any place card advertisement or sign on the common property or their lot for any reason or purpose
  • place signage promoting Sale of any kind on any surface within any common areas or any other location within the building

Balconies, patios, garden areas and any exterior building surfaces

A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • hang clothes or store bicycles on any lot balconies or common areas
  • store or keep on the common property or any part thereof any materials or goods including bicycles and other items except in designated areas
  • install any wire screen, awning, security door, or any other exterior fixture or fitting without first having obtained written permission from the Body Corporate
  • keep any plants, planter boxes or pots on any balcony, terrace or patio that are not maintained in good health and condition and that are offensive in appearance to other tenants and lot owners and that the size and type of plant shall not extend beyond the boundary of the balcony or obstruct the views of another lot or interfere with the use or enjoyment of other lots. Care must be taken when watering or cleaning to ensure minimal disturbance to other lots
  • construct or erect any sheds, kennels or structures of any nature on any terrace, patio, or balcony or place on any terrace, patio or balcony any spas, hot tubs or any other items which may be of a weight that might adversely affect the terrace, patio or balcony without having first obtained written consent from the Body Corporate and other governing bodies
  • construct or erect any outside wireless, television aerial, satellite dish or receiver or anything else of this nature without the written consent of the Body Corporate
  • erect any external blinds or awning without the written consent of the Body Corporate
  • install any window furnishings other than that specified by the Body Corporate. Specification: XIG Sterling coloured slimline ore micro vonollon. A tenant or lot owner shall not install any window tinting without having the colour and design approved by written consent of the Body Corporate
  • carry out any alterations to the lot or car park (including painting and decorating and the erection of any blind or awning) inclusive of structural alterations, structural additions or renovations without the written consent of the Body Corporate
  • NB: the Body Corporate will not object to any additional building activities to any balconies, patios, garden areas, exterior building surfaces to Lot 2701 and 2702. All works carried out to Lot 2701 and 2702 shall be carried out in accordance with all governing authorities approval

Common facilities

A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • breach any rules and regulations pertaining to each common facility and not remove any item, equipment or other such things that are and shall remain the property of the Body Corporate from any facility for any reason whatsoever
  • enter any building services room or area
  • neglect maintenance of their lot and car park at all times
  • store any materials or goods on the common property or any part of the common property without the written consent of the Body Corporate
  • ride or use any bicycles, skate boards, in-line skates and similar items in common property
  • damage or make a mess in any common areas. If this should occur the tenant, visitor or lot owner must reimburse the Body Corporate the cost of cleaning or rectifying any damage
  • damage any property owned by the Body Corporate


A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • deposit household rubbish in any other place or in any other part of the common property other than inside the rubbish chutes or loading bay bins in accordance with the instruction as determined by the Body Corporate
  • deposit any items or articles of rubbish including but not limited to any items of household furniture, furnishings, fittings or fixtures into any receptacle except as those that may be provided from time to time by the Body Corporate as separate collection receptacles for items of this nature
  • deposit any items that can block the chute, such as; cardboard whether boxes or flat-packed, hard rubbish, clothing, household linens and manchester, clothing, bubble wrap, move in/out rubbish, styrofoam
  • throw or allow to fall any paper, rubbish, cigarette butt or any other item whatsoever out of windows, doors, staircases or from balconies. Any damage or cost for cleaning or repair cause by such a breach shall be presented to the relevant tenant or lot owner 
  • NB: each level is serviced with a garbage chute. We request that you use this facility in Accordance with design specifications:
    • only place food/rubbish that has not been first contained and tied in plastic bags
    • do not put any glass in the bin chutes
  • place glass in the rubbish chutes (use separate bins provided in loading dock)
  • place cardboard in the rubbish chutes (use separate bins provided in loading dock)
  • NB: if you require any assistance for refuse that does not fit within the above categories, please contact the Building Manager

Damage & Repairs

A tenant, lot owner or visitor must not cause any damage or obstruct in any way or for any purpose whatsoever any driveway, pathway, stairwell, landing or any other Body Corporate property located on, in or attached to the common property provided. The Body Corporate will be entitled to recover any damages.

A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • fail to properly inform the Body Corporate within twenty-four hours of any damage to property which may be subject of a Claim against the Body Corporate building and/or public liability insurance
  • interfere with or attempt to redirect any maintenance works being attended by trades people or others who have been appointed by the Body Corporate specifically for work being undertaken

interfere with the operation, function or control of any of the common property fixtures, fittings or equipment

  • commit, perform or cause any manner of any act on any lot or lots or on the common property any breach of any Act of Parliament or any regulation, permits, by-law or order made by any Municipal, Statutory Government or other Authority authorised by law to make such regulation, by lay or order of such permits
  • store any flammable liquid or chemical on any lot or any part of the common property nor suffer to be done whereby any policy of insurance on the building may be invalidated
  • use the water closets conveniences and other water apparatus including waste pipes and drains for any purpose other than those for which they were constructed and no sweepings or rubbish or other unsuitable substances shall be deposited therein provided further that any costs or expenses resulting from damage or blockage to such water closets, conveniences water apparatus, waste pipes and drains from misuse or negligence’s shall be borne by the perpetrator, tenant, lot owner or whomever responsible
  • interfere or activate any of the building’s fire protection services including but not limited to alarms, sprinklers, smoke detectors and fire hydrants except in the case of an emergency provided further that the Body Corporate may recover the cost of any charges for false alarms or making any damage from the person responsible

Relocation, Deliveries, Tradespeople

A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

use any other access to the building other than the Loading Dock entering from Francis Street

  • allow or permit the delivery of goods from the Collins Street main lobby
  • give less than forty-eight hours notice to the Body Corporate or its representatives before any furniture, fittings or equipment may be moved in or out of any lot via the goods lift and Loading Dock. Also the moving of the same must be done in a manner and at the time directed by the representative of the Body Corporate provided that nothing herein shall restrict the movement of such items if they can be safely and adequately moved by one person are of a nature such that damage will not be caused to any items of common property or to property belonging to anyone else.

All move in and out’s must be done between 9am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. No weekend and Public holidays moving in/out are allowed in the building. 

To make arrangements for move in/out residents must contact Building manager at least 48 hours before. (We suggest at least one week prior as your preferred date might not be available). Residents must send an email for moving in/out for official record. Apartment number, date, time frame and contact number must be mentioned in the email.  Email:, if you don’t receive any answer within an hour please check your junk mailbox. Note: Weekend email will be answered following business day.

Residents must choose one of the following two-time frames: 

9AM to 12PM or 12:30PM to 3:30PM 

Only one, time frame can be booked. 

Residents is to ensure that the protection of the building’s surfaces is adequately catered    for. Any damage caused will be the responsibility of the respective resident.

  • damage or obstruct or interfere with the lift stairways, corridors or any other common property when moving any items in or out of any lot
  • arrange for trades people (except in emergencies) to perform any works to be carried out except during normal working hours between 8:00am to 6:00pm, and there shall be no works done by trades people on weekends or public holidays without supervision by the tenant or lot owner and is done so at the sole responsibility of the tenant or lot owner. All tradespeople and contractors are required to sign in, via the Sign-in book located outside the Building Manager’s office
  • arrange for deliveries of any kind or nature unless the tenant or lot owner is at or on the premises to accept and arrange for same at each tenant/lot owner’s cost and liability

Use of lifts:

A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • use any lifts for any other purpose other than to gain pedestrian access to a lot as directed by the Body Corporate and not unless the use is in accordance with any operating instructions of the lift supplier or regulations made by the Body Corporate with respect to the use of the lifts
  • use the lifts in any way as to interfere with any other visitor, tenant, or lot owner
  • hold the lift doors and prevent the doors of the lift from closing for any period of time so as to interfere with the normal operation of the lift for other users
  • press the alarm or stop button except in an emergency situation
  • press any button other than the one representing the level that the lift is required to stop at
  • the goods lift for moving furniture and furnishings into or out of a lot without having first obtained the consent of the Body Corporate and then only by observing the specific instructions determined by the Body Corporate

Behaviour of Invitees

A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • behave in a manner likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment any other tenant or lot owner or any person lawfully using the common property
  • fail to accept liability or compensate the Body Corporate in respect of any damages to the common property or personal property caused by guests
  • adhere compliance of all Body Corporate Rules & Regulations
  • enter common property without the consent or approval (actual or implied) of such tenant or lot owner
  • entertain more than two guests within the swimming -pool, gymnasium and terrace area on Level 7

NB: No one whether tenant, lot owner, guest etc, are permitted to use the the swimming pool, gymnasium, or terrace area to conduct a function or party at any time

NB: No one whether tenant, lot owner or guest are to use the foyer area other than to gain access or exit the building

Window cleaning

  • Tenants, lot owners and guests are to prevent any professional window cleaners engaged by the Body Corporate from gaining access through their lot or balcony for the purposes of cleaning and maintaining such windows
  • Tenants, lot owners and guests must keep all accessible windows within their lot clean and not permit the window to reach a level of uncleanliness that affects the exterior appearance of the building


A tenant, lot owner or building guest must not:

  • leave open or permit to remain open any outside doors providing access to the building or open or allow to remain propped open any doors providing access to the building
  • compromise the security of the building and keep the Body Corporate informed of any damage, forced entry or other incident to maintain the integrity of the building


All levies are to be paid by the due date as specified by the Body Corporate. (Reference: Subdivision Body Corporate Regulations 2001)

The Gymnasium & Swimming pool

The Body Corporate may appoint such company or person as it sees fit to maintain and regulate the use of the gymnasium and swimming pool area and further, may delegate to such company or person the right to make rules regarding the use of this facility.

The hours of use are restricted to between 8:00am to 10:00pm daily. All rules within this area are to be observed at all times.

Children under sixteen years of age require adult supervision.

Ensure that you dry off after swimming prior to walking through the gymnasium.

Do not use any gymnasium equipment whilst wet.

Ensure valuables are monitored whilst using these facilities.

Notify the Building Manager if you notice any equipment is damaged or malfunctioning.

Ensure the gymnasium door is kept closed at all times.

No food or alcohol is to be consumed in the gymnasium, terrace or swimming pool

Video surveillance

A tenant, lot owner or visitor must ensure that the building security video surveillance system, located in common areas, is not tampered or interfered with at any time.

Consumption of alcohol:

A tenant, lot owner or visitor must not:

  • consume alcohol in any common areas
  • consume alcohol or food in the swimming pool, gymnasium or terrace
  • consume liquid from a glass container in any common areas