(as at 28th April, 2021)
This communication has been prepared by Committee Members working on the Owners Corporation Committee (OC). Over the last 3 – 4 weeks there has been an ongoing plumbing issue from one of the ground-floor lots. Thisissue has resulted in a strong sewage odour at ground level around the building and has at times seeped into the interior of the building.
The OC, its management company and its facilities management company have been working with the relevant ground floor stakeholders to resolve this situation. The City of Melbourne’s Health and Wellbeing department and City West Water are also involved in resolving this issue.
The problem is two-fold and requires a resolution on two separate fronts which all relevant stakeholders are working on:
● Ground floor odour
An appropriate disposal method of the sewage entering the ground floor lot needs to be addressedimmediately. To date it appears the way in which the problem has been dealt with has amplified the odour at street level. The OC and its key stakeholders are working with the appropriate regulatory bodies to have this situation rectified as quickly as possible.
● Building interior odour
The plumbing issue identified above has also resulted in sewage making its way into the building’s basement. Recent damage to a pump located in the basement has prevented the required cleaning process to begin. The following steps are being implemented immediately to resolve all odours from this mishap.
These include:
o Replacing the pump that has been damaged
o Removing and safely cleaning the basement of all sewage
o Implementing appropriate ventilation to clear out any residual smells from the interior of the building caused by the sewage
o In resolving the odour within the building, the appropriate contractors are being engaged to determine any additional measures required to remove residual smells in common areas, in particular in residential hallways. Ie. ventilation, air freshening, carpet steam cleaning, etc
The OC will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of this situation via the screens in the lifts, as well as the Liberty Tower facebook group and Liberty Tower website.
We hope to resolve this situation as quickly as possible for all of us.